5 Things You Need to Know Before Filing a Tax Extension

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By Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA

Tax day is here, and while it’s always a good idea to file as soon as possible, there could be reasons you may need some extra time. Maybe you moved and don’t have all of your paperwork in order, or an unexpected life event is preventing you from filing by the April 15th tax deadline.

If you’re left scrambling and need more time, here are five things you should consider before filing a tax extension.

1. Extensions can be filed electronically: If you need to request a six-month extension, the IRS requires you to fill out Form 4868, and there are a few ways you can file it. The most convenient is to use e-file services like TurboTax Easy Extension. E-filing your extension guarantees a confirmation email from the IRS within 48 hours of filing. If you decide to print out and mail the extension, you will not only have to wait in line at the post office, you will not receive a confirmation of receipt from the IRS and may be left wondering if it’s been processed.

2. Taxes owed are still due by April 15th: If you owe taxes this year, you’re required to send the estimated taxes due to …read more

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