WE ARE EXPANDING! Cuevas Jones is EXPANDING to now include Suites 103 & 104. As such, we are under extensive construction and have switched our communication carriers to support our increasing needs so we can provide you with better service. DON’T FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS BOOK! OUR NEW NUMBER IS (904) 626-7723

5 Things You Need to Know Before Filing a Tax Extension 

The Tax Deadline is Today! Call us for help with your extension.

  By Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA Tax day is here, and while it’s always a good idea to file as soon as possible, there could be reasons you may need some extra time. Maybe you moved and don’t have all of your paperwork in order, or an unexpected life event is preventing you from filing by […]

Tip: Never send more than 5 dispute items per month to any Credit Bureau 

Credit Report

Tip: Never send more than 5 dispute items per month to any credit bureau, or they will mark your them as frivolous and irrelevant and reject them. Most credit repair firms dispute only 2-3 items per bureau per month. When writing to credit bureaus, enclose a copy of the report with the items circled and […]

4 Biggest Targets for Identity Theft 

By Simple. Thrifty. Living. Identity theft is a growing threat throughout the world. Thieves continue to create more advanced, sophisticated and unpredictable methods to steal valuable personal information. In 2012 alone, 16.6 million Americans were victims of identity theft. The risk is real, and everyone is a target. Identity theft occurs when a thief gains […]

5 Ways to Know If You’re on Track to Retire Early 

By scottmedintz Interested in retiring early? How do you know if you’re on track? The usual answer is a financial formula: A given amount of savings, plus some investment return, equals a certain lifestyle, for a certain number of years. It’s simple math. Or is it? In fact, it’s extremely difficult to predict your financial […]

Paralegal Services & Satellite Offices Available 

Paralegal Services Available Cuevas Jones Financial Services has a full staff of both English and Spanish speaking individuals ranging from entry level to 10+ years of paralegal/case management experience in the personal injury field. We can assist with client interviews/intakes, gathering accident/incident reports, drafting letters of representation, drafting medical records requests, drafting status letters to […]

Cuevas Jones Tax Preparation Services 

Cuevas Jones Financial Services provides tax preparation services to the Jacksonville community. File Securely Today, Plan Wisely for Tomorrow.

Credit Repair Services – Jacksonville, FL 

Cuevas Jones Credit Repair More than often, individuals encounter a period in life where their financial picture is abruptly interrupted without notice due to loss of income, relocation, illness, etc. Just because you have missed a few payments or defaulted on financial agreements in the past does not mean that your credit worthiness needs to […]

Cash Now Lawsuit Funding 

Expecting a cash settlement from your lawsuit and need cash fast for medical bills or unexpected co-pay deductibles? Cash now Lawsuit Funding, LLC can help. No upfront fees or hidden charges. Plus the application process is free and simple. The road to financial freedom is just a click away.

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