Paralegal Services

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Paralegal Services Available

Cuevas Jones Financial Services has a full staff of both English and Spanish speaking individuals ranging from entry level to 10+ years of paralegal/ case management experience in the personal injury field.

Medical Billing Negotiation Advocate

Cuevas Jones Financial Services also specializes in evaluating Medicare, Medicade, and private health insurance liens and documenting your client’s medical reports in personal injury cases. Cuevas Jones Financial Services saves money for your practice and your clients- a win-win. Cuevas Jones Financial Services determines the client’s true out of pocket expenses for medical care and work through Medicare, Medicade, and private insurance claims and denials. We take care of all medical billing audits, researches all medical claims and healthcare providers’ statements, and handles all correspondence with health insurance companies.

We are not Attorneys

Although we do have a contract tax attorney on staff, we are not advertising attorney services in any way. All services are performed at the direction of and under direct supervision of your attorneys. Terms of contract/pay is determined based on type/complexity of job, length of job, the level of experience required to complete the job, the number of contract workers needed, etc.

Are you short staffed and need help getting caught up?

We can help! Call today (904) 626-7723.

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We can assist with:

  • Client interviews/ intakes
  • Gathering accident/ incident reports
  • Drafting letters of representation
  • Drafting medical records requests
  • Drafting status letters to clients
  • Preparing complex demands
  • Negotiation settlements
  • Coordinating conservative care and surgical appointments
  • Marketing with doctors throughout Florida
  • Drafting initial litigation pleadings

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