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More than often, individuals encounter a period in life where their financial picture is abruptly interrupted without notice due to loss of income, relocation, illness, etc. Just because you have missed a few payments or defaulted on financial agreements in the past does not mean that your credit worthiness needs to be tarnished forever. The stress and anxiety that one tends to endure once they have successfully recovered from the downfall in their life but are still being held back by the poor credit that they now have because of their past, has time and time again allowed people to lose their focus on reaching financial freedom. The banks want you to think that you are not worthy of a second chance but this is simply not true. You work hard and you do deserve the home or car of your dreams, the ability to investment or start a business, or to afford to send your kids to college. Many times, creditors unethically report inaccurate information to the credit bureaus against good people who have simply encountered a stumbling block.


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The History Behind Credit Repair Agencies

Did you know Equifax, Transunion and Experian are not government entities nor are they non-profit organizations. What that basically means is they are not consumer friendly and their focus is not to help your credit situation but to report as much information against consumers as possible because that’s how they keep their billion dollar business afloat. These companies break the law every day and the government rarely steps in to advocate for the consumers. Don’t believe me? Think about it, Credit Reporting Agencies make money by selling your credit data. Bad credit data sells for much more than good credit data. Additionally, they charge for disputes and erroneous entries on consumer’s credit reports.

FWC Processing, LLC has taken that void and cultivated it into our overall credit repair and credit monitoring services wherein we work hand to hand with you to make sure that you are no longer being taken advantage of. What’s our secret to success? By creating personalize and customized dispute letters, and aggressively attack the illegal and unethical practices of the credit agencies and credit bureaus. The law simply requires that the bureaus comply with 3 standards:

1. The item must be reported within the time allotted by the law;
2. Each item must be reporting 100% accurate information;
3. Each item must be reporting 100% verifiable information.





Credit Repair Knowledge


Initial Credit Repair Consultation

During your initial consultation, with your permission, we will review your credit report from all three bureaus and then determine which credit restoration program works best for you based off of your specific financial situation. We have various programs for you to enroll in from the very basic to long term financial monitoring.

Within 30-45 days from enrollment you should see advance progress in you credit. Don’t be fooled by our competitors who promise you the sun and the moon and the stars within 30 days. The reality is, this is not an quick process. We do not just take your information, send out a letter and forget about you. We work with you hand and hand throughout the entire process and when you are fully satisfied you have the option to terminate our services early. Hopefully you will be terminating because you have learned so much from us, that you feel confident in your financial situation and are able to handle it on your own.

Our Credit Repair Service WORKS! At FWC Processing, LLC, we understand and follow the federal laws and work them to our clients advantage. We bypass all the gimicks because our goal is to build a long term sound financial structure for you. Call today to get started now or fill out the short intake form and our credit specialist will contact you today!