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Now Offering Tax Audit Assistance.

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Tax Audit Assistance


Accurate tax returns assures you receive the deductions and credits you are entitled to. Fraudulent preparers add credits and deductions you are not entitled to. This practice exposes you to IRS audits, penalties, fees and disallowances of credits that will negatively impact your tax return over the next few years.


Keeping you safe

tax1At Cuevas Jones, we strive to avoid putting our clients in red flag territory by accurately preparing your return and not “inflating the numbers”. We work to find legitimate credits and deductions others may miss. We work with our customers year around to make sure they are maintaining proper records so they receive the credits and deductions they are entitled to.

Tax Attorney on Staff

tax4 We have a Florida Bar Attorney on staff to assist those clients who find that their prior preparer or past filings has them in a world of troubles with the IRS.


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Beware of New Tax Laws

Did you fail to maintain health insurance at any time last year? The laws have changed and you may be facing a penalty. Don’t file your own taxes. Our tax professionals may be able to qualify you for an exemption.  


Don’t be fooled by catchy tax preparer gimmicks.

Receiving a free TV, Tablet, Hand Bag, etc. today will not bring you comfort when the IRS notifies you of an audit and demands that you produce verifiable documentation for the extra credits and deductions your preparer added to your return in order to fraudulently inflate your refund. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. You may owe the IRS thousands of dollars in fines and penalties and be disqualified from claiming certain credits on your future returns. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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